QUARTZ™ by Kervelo :
the heart of movement.

Our integrated drivetrains and digital electronics unit change e-bike architecture for more comfortable and reliable low-maintenance biking experience.

Discover Quartz™

Who we are.

Kervelo is a drivetrains and electronics supplier for the bike industry. From an innovative drivetrain to a centralised bike intelligence platform, our solutions change bicycles into a modern, refined, reliable, yet affordable transportation mean for every use, from cargo to trekking, from city bikes to e-MTB.

Our vision.

We envision a radical change in the bicycle design. With low maintenance gearbox, integrated electric assistance, and centralized electronics management, the new generation of cycles will deliver a comfortable, low maintenance, worry-free and smarter experience to riders.

Custom versions.

Our drivetrain technology and patents are perfect for many forms of light e-mobility. We provide custom engineering developments to invent the future of personal transportation with selected industry partners. Contact us to meet and discuss your project needs.


The simplicity of a gearbox, changing gears at any time, and the integration of an electric assistance motor.


Our integration of gearbox, drive and functions allows a serious anti-theft feature.

Low maintenance

Forget about derailleurs maintenance, cleaning, greasing. Our gearbox only needs a change of oil to keep going.


Light and compact, our electric drive is the most compact and elegant drivetrain.

QUARTZ™ drive :

e-bike powerhouse

  • electric motor and gearbox, integrated
  • light & compact
  • high reliability with low maintenance
  • neat integration with the bicycle frame
  • removes the derailleur or gear-hub for a homogeneous system

This integrated QUARTZ transmission comprises a planetary gearbox and a motor in a robust and waterproof case.


Reliable by nature

At the core of our Quartz drive unit resides our planetary Kernel gearbox. Its optimized architecture means less moving parts for better mechanical reliability. And it was engineered from the drawing board to work with electrical assistance to deliver a highly reliable drive unit.

Design-friendly & versatile form-factor

With the assistance motor placed in the downtube, only the 126mm diameter hub housing the gearbox remains visible. This architecture and the very reduced volume of the elements give designers a wide choice of designs for nicer frames with better elements integrations and a high ground clearance to protect the drive unit.

Light weight, heavy duty

At just 4 Kg for the gearbox and assistance motor, the Quartz drive delivers as much torque, power, and gear development as almost every other system currently available, for a fraction of the weight and in a reduced visible volume. Its architecture warrants for longer maintenance periods, up to 10,000 km or once a year only, using standard gearbox oil.

KERVELO works with a panel of partners for the selection of bicycle components and to achieve optimal integration:





KERVELO analyzes customer integrations and develop options according to specifications from power train variants (up to 14 gears / 620% ratio, new motor….) to e-bicycles, e-moped or other light vehicle (2 or 3 wheelers).